the only thing i can advise to all the people who are battling issues right now

hang in there.

??? don’t make any decisions when you’re angry. you will just regret it.
??? if it’s too much already, talk to your closest friend and lash out, or talk to that someone giving you problems. communication is always best when dealing with things.
??? think of all the good things. we have friends and our family, go hangout with them.
??? watch a funny movie, read a book or play video games
??? eat. pig out. waste your money on food. it’s always worth it.
??? shop and buy stuff if it makes you feel good
??? go to your happy place. be it the beach, the mountains, your favorite coffee shop or even to your favorite pornsite (whatever works for you)
??? you can either face the issue or distract yourself. either way, deal with this issues when you are ready.

no matter what happens, just hang in there. things will get better.

I’ve been through a lot of things this year and I fell apart a couple of times but I picked myself up and moved on.

Life is short to dwell with problems. Be optimistic and everything will fall into place.

Just hang in there 🙂

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