Chillin’ at Camiguin

I’m back in Camiguin!

The first time I went there was in college with the photography class field trip. I miss the white sands and the hot spring. It’s good to be back, and now with my officemates. I’m just bummed when I learned they opened the airport week after we went there. It would’ve saved us from the hassle of travelling 8 hours on a very dizzying ship ride. But it was still worth it coz I got the chance to revisit the places around Camiguin.

So we went to Katibawasan Falls, and unlike 5 years ago, the road now going there is already paved. The first time I went there, it felt like driving in a jungle, and the road was not really good. Kudos to the government for the improvement of the area.

We then trek the old volcano by following the stations of the cross. It was pretty exhausting but the view on top was really beautiful.

After climbing, we head down to the Sunken Cemetery.

We also went to the Cold Springs and in Ardent Hot Spring. It was really refreshing and calming after hours of travelling and climbing mountains.

And of course, you cannot visit Camiguin if you don’t go to the White Island. God I miss this place and the view of the island from there.

Lastly, we went to Mantigue Island for some snorkelling, and visited a Giant Clam sanctuary.

Photos: Mine, Mark and Rose

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  1. yuri24 Reply
    December 3, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    beautiful phography. looking forward of going there next year

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