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Just like college (or high school), you can also see different groups always hanging out in a workplace. “Birds with the same feathers flock together” is basically a quote that can be applied to anywhere as long as there are people in it. When people have the same interests, you can always see them sitting together and discuss everything about their stuff. When you belong to many groups, it just means either you have lots of interests or maybe you’re just that friendly and easily adapt to these groups.

And it is just like that in our office. The subgroups in the company is so diverse even though we have less than 60 employees working here. I don’t know about this but if the company you’re working for is an IT company, there’s gonna be a lot of programmers, and most of these people are either nerds, geeks, introverts, very talented, or maybe anti-social people.

Now I’m not stereotyping programmers to have these characteristics, but if you are one or have programmer friends, then you could probably understand. I’m a programmer and I’m not really good at interacting with people, especially strangers. But I hang out with my friends a lot, and guess what, they’re also programmers. Like I said, “Birds with the same feathers flock together“. But programmers seem to be into a loooot of things aside from being glued into computers, be it movies, tv, books, or food. We have those people in the office, and I will enumerate these subgroups I noticed always hanging out in my workplace.

  • Linus Worshippers – Be it Ubuntu, RedHat or ArchLinux
  • Minions of the Dark Side  – Mac/Apple users
  • Windows Fans – the ever Windows users
  • The Vimmers – simple and elegant
  • The Emacs Loyalists – it’s not just an IDE, it’s a mini OS
  • The Other Pads – gEdit, Sublime, Notepad++, NetBeans or Textmate
  • The Nederlander – Our colleagues from the beautiful land of Holland

  • The Bisaya with some twist of Tagalog Peeps – The mostly Cebuano-speaking Filipino employees
  • The Wannabe Dutch  – Wij spreken geen Engels. Maar we proberen ons best.
  • The 20’s – kids in the block, they love to play games and travel a lot.
  • The 30-ups – mostly family men and women, and they are always busy doing grown-up stuff
  • The Artistic Crowd – they are the ones with a gifted talent in drawing and CSS
  • The Athletes – they run, bike, swim every weekend. Most active people around.
  • The Support Crew – water boys and girls for the athletes 
  • The Musicians – they are either play at least one instrument, once a member in a band, or they are just really into music.
  • The Travellers – these are the jet-setters, always monitoring Piso Sale, and travel at least thrice a year everywhere around the country (or the world)
  • Photo Enthusiasts   – aperture, shutter speed, manual, automatic, underwater, lens, buy, upgrade, film, vintage
  • Trivia Night Geeks * – the notorious team of battling trivia nights in exchange for a free cake or crispy pata
  • DOTAddicts – almost every night they play the game, and should have a quota of at least 2 wins (or they dont sleep)
  • The Lovers – groups of two and you always see them together during meals and snacks
  • The Singles  – groups of 5 to 8 eating and going out together
  • The Board/Card Game Nerds * – spend lots of money hoarding board and card games, and spends hours playing it. Amazon is their friend, Postal Service is their enemy.
  • Threadless Fans – the office love Threadless, and every day, at least 3 people are wearing the shirt including me since 70% of my clothes are Threadless. (Not sponsored by the site though 🙁 )
  • Non-Threadless Fans  – thinks the shirt is overrated. Boo!
  • The Whovians – Doctor Who fans, Rose Tyler haters
  • The GOT Fans – almost all people in the office watch it, so it’s always a lunch table discussion every after episode.
  • The TV Junkie – from Breaking Bad to Be Careful With My Heart, we have fans of Heisenberg and Ser Chief.
  • The Hipsters – sometimes not in the group, sometimes alone having a me-time. For the most company gatherings, they’re absent because they’re into some other (important) things.

And I may have not listed some other groups, but these are the most popular (and obvious). But at the end of the day, we are a family and that is the most important thing in a company. We treat each other with respect regardless of race, age, OS, or interest. We build stuff together, we solve problems together, we celebrate success together, and we all have fun in everything we do.


  1. Lord Norlan Mumar Reply
    May 24, 2013 at 1:37 am

    Oi, I belong to 5 groups!

    – Linus worshipper
    – Minions of the dark side
    – Non dutch
    – The athletes and…..
    – The 20’s (hell yeah!)

    Oh, there’s also another group, the notepad++ group of user (not users hehehe)

    • Fred Baa Reply
      May 24, 2013 at 2:36 am

      Hahaha, kaila jud ko anang notepad++ user.

    • stacey Reply
      May 24, 2013 at 5:31 am

      haha.. Notepad++ user and Windows XP Loyalist 😀

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