(D3 || Dota2) == sleepless nights

Before May 15, 2012, I had no interest whatsoever on Diablo 3. I haven’t played Diablo 1 or 2 before and I didn’t know the story either.

When I was in high school, this game “Diablo 2” was all over the internet cafe. I tried playing it once, but I stopped before the 1st boss of Act 1 because I was frustrated I can’t find my way out of the cave (hahaha). And at that time, I never liked playing computer games. I’d rather hang out with my friends than spend 20/hour just to be in a computer.

During college though, I started to play online games too since most of my classmates were alsointo some MMORPG. Then years after that, I also started playing DOTA.

Dota2 came out and that started my sleepless nights. hahay, wai life. 😐

People in the office were also talking about D3 and really excited about it since its been 12 years after Diablo 2. I never ever really planned on playing D3 because I wasn’t interested. I thought I can’t relate to it and I don’t really know the terms, the items, the people, the “demons”, the strategy and all those shit. Also, it’s expensive (Php 3k++/box). When my officemates got their Diablo box (D3 opening May 15), I asked for a beta key and installed the game just to try it out.

And behold, the game was freakishly awesome!

I finished the beta pass after 2 hours++ (nonstop, super amazed mode) and then decided to buy my own box the day after. I just can’t get enough of it. I love the special effects, the cinematics, the look and feel to it, the story and the gameplay. Monk character is really cool and the skills are badass (not as badass as the Barbarian though). I also enjoyed the part playing with my friends online. And from the past week,  I think I spent 90% of my nights playing D3. Its one of those games that even though you keep on repeating the same quests, you still enjoy accomplishing it.

I just never expected this ever. I really didn’t think that this week or last week I’d be playing Diablo 3. Peer pressure or maybe for the sake of camaraderie, who cares. It was expensive yet worthy investment.

What social life?

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