The Coron Paradise

We were hesitant at first doing this trip because the office is not so happy that 7 people are going on a trip in the middle of the week. Thank god we were allowed to do so because we would have missed out the adventure of a lifetime.

Going to Coron was very uncomfortable for me. When we’re about to land, the plane kept on “jumping” and it felt like butterflies in the stomach. However, the other passengers in the plane seems to be enjoying the ride, feeling like they’re on a roller coaster.

The view of Coron from the top is spectacular! The surrounding islands, the hills and the mountain ranges are really beautiful. When we landed, it also felt like we’re on Africa because of the safari-like surroundings, the one you see in NatGeo. We got on our shuttle van, and saw wide, green fields with herded sheeps/cows, like the ones you see in New Zealand. There’s one thing I know for sure, we’re on paradise and we are about to see more of this place.

excited for the trip ladies?

view from the top


Kim “Tiu” is also with us by the way 🙂


For those who don’t know, a quick FYI of Coron Island:

  • the island is a part of the Calamian Islands in northern Palawan, and the third largest of the group
  • the island is part of a larger municipality with the same name, and is located in Busuanga Island (also a part of the Calamian Islands). This is where the municipal hall, churches, restaurants, hotels, lodging houses, public market and the friendly locals are. 🙂
  • the island is mostly composed of rocks (from my observation) so the island is not really a suitable place to plant corn or palay. There’s no electricity in the island so there were just a few people living there, only the Tagbanwa natives (and some people that manages small resorts in the island).
  • Coron is said to be one of the top 10 best diving spots in the whole world because of the Japanese wrecks found in the area. This is the reason why I want to learn how to dive, to see this kind of things. I will go back here if I have enough experience scuba-diving.

source: Wikipedia

We stayed on Ralph’s Pension House, a TripAdvisor certified lodging house I might add. The place is very nice. They have some cozy rooms, free coffee and drinking water, and a spectacular view of the Coron Island. A tip for travellers: if you want a hassle-free arrangements for your trip in the scenic spots of Coron, talk with the lodging houses you’re in. In the case of Ralph’s pension, they gave us a sweet deal for an entire Coron trip to the hot springs, Mt. Tapyas viewing deck, and the Coron Island tour to the lakes and beaches. Not to mention that deal also included our room accomodations and our meals for 3 days and 2 nights. Ralph’s also have their own contacts to tour guides of the island too so you don’t have to worry getting a boat for the whole island adventure, they will arrange it for you. So basically, you just have to bring our clothes and snorkelling gears, and just enjoy the place.

But if you’re into some customized trip or you don’t want a schedule for the places you want to go, you can always ask the locals.


Coron baywalk. Odina is very amused 🙂

Day 1 dinner at Ralphs. Yummy crab(let)s!

In our first day, we went to Mt. Tapyas viewing deck and to the hot springs. Trekking to Mt. Tapyas is a bitch. We have to go up around 700 steps to reach the top. We were at first doubtful and hesitant. But we like a challenge, so we decided to go up. It was so hot going up, it sucks! Good thing there are little benches under the trees along the way to stop by and catch up our breath. By the way, it’s also a nice place to go on a date, you just then sit on those benches and enjoying the view with your special someone. Poor Fred (hahaha).

The view on top was amazing, you can see everything, the island, the municipality, and the mountains. It was good at first until I realized, shit, we still have to go down again and I’m so tired already 🙁 So I looked forward for the hot spring.

Poy (C), Shiela (O), Jean (R), Rose (O), Odina (N) – CORON!

view of the town of Coron and the island from Mt. Tapyas viewing deck

enjoying the view, and resting from that excruciating climb.

happy travellers

The hot spring was not what I expected. IT’S SUPER FREAKING HOT! Like close to boiling temperature (or yeah I might be exaggerating). Maybe because also it’s attributed to the hot weather or the fact the we took a dip around 3pm in the afternoon. But it was really hot and I did not enjoy it at first. Good thing my body adjusted and we were able to relax and warm the muscles from that mountain trek.


Ador: Rock and Roll!, Poy: I’m not amused, its too damn hot!

On our second day, we went on a Coron Island trip. I’m pretty excited since we’re also going snorkelling. We first went to Siete Pecados (literally means seven deadly sins, ???), a group of small islands (I’m pretty sure it’s 7 small islands) for some snorkelling. It was a sanctuary too so the fishes and corals you see are really beautiful.


the Caresharing snorkelling team 😀

le fishes and corals

We then headed to Kayangan Lake, a sort of hidden lake in the island. The island is pretty big and it’s also really deep. I can’t even see the bottom of the lake, which was also pretty scary. But we had fun swimming there, and we even went to some caves.

the young boatman

another climb to the hidden lake

bat cave

the famous trademark Coron postcard

resident model Odina

Caresharing crew

the clear waters of Kayangan lake. pretty crowded when we got there.


We had lunch at Banol Beach, and we saw some Koreans there having lunch as well. They have some big ass crabs for lunch (I’m sorry I just have to say this because the whole time we were there, we are drooling on their lunch, haha). The beach was clean, and the sand is super white. We get to relax there and just swim-swim-swim under the sun.


Banol Beach

strike a pose with the Koreans!

After Banol Beach, we went to Twin Lagoons, which by the way was the best place we’ve been to during our whole trip. The place is enchanting! When we got there, we docked at the lagoon, and we have to swim under a small passage way to reach the other lagoon (thus twin lagoon). The water is also deep, but even scarier because it’s dark underneath and very very calm. But the view there is really beautiful. I could still imagine what the place felt like being there just wading in the water.

enjoying Twin Lagoons so much!


a rock island

that small hole in the middle, that’s the entry to the other lagoon 🙂

nice view Shii!


another rock island

our tour guide Mark and his fella boatman 🙂

Overall, Coron is a beautiful place. I can’t even fully describe the magnificent-ness of the place. It’s a paradise. So if you want forget the busy streets and the traffic of the city, and you just want to go nature tripping, snorkelling, scuba diving, or just unwind, visit Coron. And make sure it’s not peak season. 🙂

Photos by Me, Shiela and Rose

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