The 5-hairdos dream

In my dream I decided to cut off my hair because it was annoying and heavy already. I went to a ‘pucho-pucho’ salon and they messed up my hair pretty bad.

So I went to a barber shop to fix it. But they made it more afro and colored it dark-red with black stripes. Something like this but with an afro, and there are multiple stripes of black:

Yes. Like Frankenstein’s Bride. WTF brain?

Then I suddenly blacked out and when I woke up, my hair changed again. My hair was blonde and short. I looked like an albino with blonde hair and brown eyes. But I was more worried that my hair was shorter.

I was riding a car then when this guy showed up in the back seat:

And guess what, next thing I know, my hair was long again, it was red on top, and black from the middle down. WTF again!?! I think this was the effect of watching ANTM too much.

I was pissed off looking like a girl already with this too much hair, so I went to the office, and there my officemate Nanie waiting with a shaver in her hands. I was getting my hair shaved. And I remember Nanie saying Tyra Banks famous line “One guy standing before me, wanting to shave his hair” or something. It was really funny. And it was a relief that my hair was shaved.

Shaved. Skin-head. Bald.

Then I woke up, and first thing I did was touch my head. Yes, my hair’s still there. I don’t know what the dream’s telling me, or what the 5 hairdos symbolize. But I found solace from all of the crazy mess when I shaved all of my hair. So I’m thinking should I shave my hair again or should I keep this afro going?

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